Mr. Prakash

Its our pleasure to stayin this beautiful resort and we are pleased with your hospitality, Its an amazing experience for us, keep it up. all the best.

Dr Basheer Ahmed

Very nice place, very peaceful! place for nature lovers, good food, hillock Is full of flora and fauna, chikmagalure Its self by nature Is vast.

Jennifer Canada Nicole Wilson UK

Food was good and the place was relaxing, some s gns along the way would have been good specially for those coming at night, trekking was good funwith some lovely nature may be some walking circuit along the property would help, but on the whole it was a very pleasant stay.

Dr. Manasa

The place and location is excellent, the satff were very friendly who took us around by jeep the hebbe falls was amazing eventhouwe were herein summer, mullayanagiri and bababudan is spectacular the adavantage staying in ozone iscits the center of all the tourist destinations. So which means you can save time and money.

Inba family Including buddy doggi

We came from a polluted, noisy and crazy living place to seek peace and a quiet mind who knew we would also get awesome adventures, frelndly people, and the greatest game ever played shuttle!!!.. with a freshened souland energised body we say !!Surevoir!! to this beautiful! place and delightful! famlly.


Excellent place, good food package, even thou our nos were huge they handled us very proffessionaly, the places around are so very green and exciting, specially the trekk to hebbe and kulhutty falls.