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To organize day trips kindly contact the manager at the plantation (6/8 persons per jeep) Day trips for sightseeing to neighboring places

Bababudangiri cave: Residence of the sufi mystic, Hazrat Dada Hayat Mir Khalander who travelled back from Arabia with 7 beans taped to his belly. This gave rise to the first Coffee Plantations in India in 1650. Revered as 'Baba Budan' for his healing powers, the mountain ranges that he made his home came to be named after him. India now grows approx.4% of the world coffee.



Bababudangiri cave + Mulangiri Peak: Highest peak in Karnataka - 6317 feet above sea level; 300 stone steps lead to the top of the mountain and the shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.Once every 14 years a wild mountain flower ' Corvia ' blossoms and the hills around are clothed in bright purple.




Kemmangundi(4702 feet): Once the favourite destination of the Mysore Maharaja,Krishnarajajendra Wodeyar - said to be one of the most spectacular mountain passes in the country; Trekking paths from here take you to down to Kalhatti Falls where water gushes down a drop of 122m over the top of a temple built into a gap between the rocks;Hebbe Falls-Dropping down from a height of 168m, from where condemned prisoners were pushed to their death.


Bhadra Game Santuary in Muthodi(rustic and unspolit game santuary) Hosts Gaur, Chital, elephants, sambar,wild bear and tiger - (cost excludes entry fee).





kulhutty water fall/ just 2kms from ozone valley you can go trekking to this water fall from ozone valley, and you can do camping on the top of this gigantic hill at the upper water area.





Hebbefalls 24kms this is a place were most of the feedback from the guest we got was extremely good come see and experience it yourself t beleive it.






Note : Though precautionary measures are taken to ensure safety of guests,participation in activities at 'ozonevalley' is at your own risk. Go ahead and enjoy this unique nature experience!