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Ozone. Valley Terms and conditions

①        Ozone. Valley is a trade name for Home Stay and the IPR for the same is with the promoter. Ozone.Valley reserves right to alter, append or amend general terms and conditions herein without prior notice and guests are advised to check the same from time to time. Special or specific conditions of explicitly agreed in writing will be liable for notice for only those conditions which aren't the same as per general terms and conditions contained herein. 

②        Home Stay is government approved homes for Cultural Exchange and opportunity to learn traditions and cuisines of region. Thus,  home stay is to experience hospitality as our guest in the traditional way based on 'Athithi' and not a commercial Venture of boarding & lodging, resorts,  guest houses and the like. .

③        Ozone Valley as gesture of goodwill, consider intimating dates available in the next 2 months on cancellation and on immediate confirmation of available accommodation the same will be confirmed. In the event during the communication process of date by Guest dates sought by Guest is booked next set of dates at ozone. Valley will be communicated and to avoid such situations guests are advised to confirm by email, moment availability is confirmed on phone.  

④        Bookings for stay are made final and no cancellation basis. Food specially ordered and facility ordered such as conveyance,  pickup-drop etc.  arranged already but cancelled within 24 hour of service of the food will be charged and payable.

⑤        Balance due on cancellation will be liable to be paid, effective the date of cancellation and 15 days time is granted for balance payment and this clause is deemed to be notice of default and default is liable for prosecution.

⑥        Ozone.Valley extends hospitality of stay and food.  It will not responsible for any injury,  risk,  hazard which guests bring upon themselves including in any using facility such as swimming pool,  swings,  sports or for transport, medical treatment etc.  organised by us, as they are mere favours without consideration and the guests are responsible for their conduct of for their person.

⑦        There are no branches for Ozone.Valley for home stay other than addresses stating branch of home stay specifically and all and any other address is for contact only.  Service of notice, if any, is to be done at the home stay address or any other officially announced address for service only.

⑧        ozone. Valley reserves the right to have as many guests as they deem fit in their house and in the facility. It is explicitly declared that mere booking of one or all rooms doesn't confer any right to deter owner/promoter from leading their life including conducting ceremonies etc.  which experience is the main purpose of home stay.

⑨        Guests are advised to take care of their health,  medical conditions and check up availability of conveyance,  hospital etc.  suiting their need before deciding their stay.  ozone.Valley doesn't in anyway take any responsibility for any suggestion in this regard on their behalf by anyone. However,  in any contingency,  they may take action to tend anyone at the risk of guests. Guests are needed to inform any food allergy etc.  Guests be aware that estates and Farm House are with charm of their natural surroundings and organisms, beings which are usually found in common and ozone.valley will not be able to and wouldn't like to change their normal habitat,  including any flying insects etc.

⑩        The guests agree that during the stay they will behave decently,  will not involve in illegal or immoral activities,  shout or Yell on any staff or member of the house or co-guests  or misbehave with the staff as well as  strictly adhere to and abide by all rules and regulations that are made and kept at the home stay, whether informed prior or not and instant rule making power is reserved and is delegated to the family members of promoter,  in charge, staff of ozone.Valley.

⑪        Guests are bound to indemnify ozone.Valley, owner/promoter for their conduct, misbehaviour,   harassment etc. It is presumed and deviated that any illegal and immoral activities by guests are without knowledge of ozone. Valley and guests are liable in person under the law and ozone . Valley reserves the right to Sue for damages,  and compensation apart from legal action through our under appropriate authorities.

⑫        The guests booking with ozone.Valley agree for single member arbitration by Advocate of ozone.Valley on any issue on any matter raised by them, to which ozone.Valley has no solution or doesn't agree that the issue is genuine or agreeable to be resolved by them. In the event guests are not satisfied at the outcome of arbitration,  ozone.Valley and they can suggest one arbitrator each, who with advocate of ozone . valley will decide the appeal which decision will be final and binding. The hearings will be at chickamagalur or bangalore at the convenience of arbitrator and no venue change at the option of guest is permitted or envisaged.  postponements will be informed ASAP and cancellation can happen a day before hearing and guests are advised to check for the same and no travel cost will be given,  except for cost with arbitration award if any.

⑬        The jurisdiction for any legal prosecution by ozone.Valley is Courts and Tribunals having Chickamagalur jurisdiction.